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Webmail Logix Login

Logix Group is popular in India as it is a Noida based real estate company. Its services include IT/ITES, residential as well as commercial. Logix has also enabled smarter banking to its customers over the years. Logix has been known for providing various services to the customers along with Webmail Logix. The Webmail Logix is extremely beneficial to those who want to get hold of solutions to their problems online.

In this article we will be discussing the various facilities one can reap, using Webmail Logix. This will also include a detailed description of the steps one has to follow in order to have access to the Webmail Logix. Let us proceed with the details.

What is Webmail Logix?

In order to know what Webmail Logix is and what is its purpose, one has to get acquainted with the Logix in general. As stated before, Logix is a real estate company but it also provides its services in various other realms.

Webmail Logix enables users or customers to have security in their personalized email ids. You can secure your email id from any sort of threat using Logix. Logix protects your email accounts from getting damaged or spied or hacked. If you think closely of it, Logix saves your personal information from getting disclosed to hackers.

Webmail Logix

Webmail Logix offers security solutions for your emails. Logix has thus lead itself to become the largest company providing security of privacy to the user’s email. It has secured over half a million mailboxes. Webmail Logix provides all the information on how to avail of the email security solutions from Logix. Logix has also opened its options for the customers. The customers can choose On-Premise or Cloud-based security according to their requirements.

Webmail Logix’s expertise lies in its specialization in providing Cloud Email Advance threat protection. This is able to detect various threats to your mail such as Domain Spoofing, Spear Phishing, Ransomware, and many more. It has also got features such as scanning domain spoofing. It uses Domain authentication techniques which further make it easier for the user to protect his/ her email. The DMARC Monitoring Tools enable Logix to identify several domain names that are a threat to the internet. Thus, you can easily understand beforehand which domains to visit and which to avoid.

One of the best features of Webmail Logix is that it provides the link to Logix’seShop. Using the eShop link, you are redirected to the shopping platform of Logix. This does not mean you can buy clothes and accessories from there. You can procure several security softwares from the Webmail LogixeShop. It makes purchasing more convenient and hassle-free.

Webmail Logix is besides being known for migrating and supporting Email solutions, also offer consulting, and provisioning and handholding services. It enables On Cloud 24*7 support services. The Webmail Logix is always online and can provide solutions to your trouble at any time. The services that are mostly accessed by the users via Webmail Logix can also be accessed using an app known as the Logix Support desk. This app is available on Google Play or Online Ticketing Portal. Also, the data which is entered by the user remains within the network premise. Mails can be exchanges using the Webmail Logix within the protected network premise.

Precisely, you can report any problem and find solutions to them using the Webmail Logix. You can also purchase softwares online through the eShop link. Webmail Logix can be utilized for so many purposes. However, we are aware that accessing the Webmail Logix becomes difficult for a few users. Here, in this article, we shall provide you with the guidelines on how to access the Webmail Logix.

How to Access Webmail Logix?

Access Webmail Logix

Webmail.logix.in is a very frequently visited site. It is liked by Indian users and is a well-liked web page. It is safe and suitable for users belonging to any age. The server used by webmail Logix is Apache HTTP Server. The Webmail Logix uses Zimbra which is a complete enterprise email. It has ATP features and collaboration solution softwares and also enables innovative messaging experience using the webmail interface.

On opening the page of Webmail Logix, you will find two broad options. These are as follows:

  • Personal User Administrator – This option is for the users who want to use the Logix email services for their personal use and change information or password of his/her personal email.
  • Domain Administrator – This is for the employees. This option is provided to the email administrators. You can add, change, or delete email accounts on behalf of your company’s domain.

We will now give you the step by step process of accessing webmail Logix. Follow the steps below:

  • Step 1 – Search for the URL – http://webmail.logix.in from your web browser.
  • Step 2 – You will have to enter the Username and password in the box provided.
  • Step 3 – Select Basic Interface in the options provided below the Password box.
  • Step 4 – You can go for the Standard Interface if you have a good internet connection.
  • Step 5 – Click on ‘Log In’.

You can also use another URL to fetch the Webmail Logix – http://mail01.harbingergroup.com.

The safety status is good and the Google Safe Browsing of this Webmail has also gained the status of ‘Good’. The Webmail Logix is completely trusted worthy and you can rely on it to have your troubles solved real quick.

There is also another way of getting to the Webmail Logix page. You can install the Citrix Receiver app from Play Store and use its navigation gateway to get the link of Webmail Logix and use it without any hassle.


This was an article on Webmail Logix. You will now be able to access the Webmail Logix and avail the incredible services by Logix. You can use the methods mentioned above to access the Webmail Logix. All you will need is a user id and a password. Logix Webmails has really made it easier for customers to use Logix’s services. Remember, Logix has earned a reputation for providing solutions to your problems. You can rely on its services. Availing its software solutions through eShop makes it more attractive for the users. We strongly recommend using Logix to have your problems solved. We hope this article was helpful to you.

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