Rackspace Webmail Login – Access to your Rackspace Email Here

Rackspace Webmail Login

Rackspace is known as the largest cloud computing company which originated in the U.S.A. It is a private company known to offer its special services across several cloud platforms such as Openstack, Microsoft Cloud, Amazon Web Services, etc. Rackspace helps in the growth of the companies financially and helps them to reach out.

Rackspace Webmail Login is one such feature offered by Rackspace that helps you to enjoy email services. It enables you to compose, send, and receive e-mails. The Rackspace Webmail Login can serve the purpose of a regular use e-mail. In this article, we will be discussing the details of Rackspace webmail and the steps following which you can gain success on your attempt at Rackspace Webmail Login. Let’s get into the details.

What is Rackspace Webmail Login?

The Rackspace Webmail Login helps you to have your own personalized email. You can use the Rackspace webmail interface to manage your mails. You will require no extra software to utilize email services. You just have to go for Rackspace webmail login and then you can use the portal to send, receive and store emails. To know more about Rackspace webmail, you can read the following paragraphs. We have attached a detailed description of the features provided by the Rackspace Webmail login. By the end of this article, you will gain full knowledge of the subject along with knowing how to access the Rackspace webmail login.

  • You can use Rackspace webmail login on any platforms such as Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and so on.
  • It can work well on the desktop and on smartphones.
  • It ensures secure IMAP and POP access.

Rackspace Webmail Options and Features:

Rackspace Webmail

Contacts – Using the Rackspace webmail interface, one can add and edit contacts. You can add new contacts to your list to facilitate the easy exchange of mails. The webmail also enables a user to create a group and communicate with various clients. To facilitate quick communication, you can also arrange the contacts alphabetically. The contacts on your mail can be saved to the device too.

Calendar – The next feature of the Rackspace webmail is Calendar. Using this option, one can mark appointments and important meeting dates in the mail. You can share the same with all your contacts and the important dates or events can also be put up to be displayed on the webmail interface.

Task – This feature helps you to appoint tasks to other clients and keep a note of it. The webmail interface enables you to handle and create tasks without further ado.

Notes Notes are meant for noting down something important. While working on a device you might forget to note down important things in your notebook. Therefore, Rackspace webmail provides you with the function of creating notes right on the webmail interface.

Settings Just like you manage your personalized Gmail account or Yahoo mail, you can also manage your Rackspace webmail. Under the Settings option of Rackspace webmail login, you will find a number of options that will enable you to manage your mails with much more ease.

The General Settings help you to set date, time, and language. It also has an Email option where you get features such as display preferences, new messages, and trash options.

The Composing mail option under the Settings tab helps you to create new emails, creating custom signatures, and many more. It also includes Replying and forwarding citations.

The next option you get is of Incoming mail. Here you can see the emails that are sent to you. You also get features such as Auto reply, forwarding, and filtering.

The fourth option under the Settings is Spam Settings. You can manage your safelist and blacklist from here. You get two different options for Spam handling and Spam filtering.

The last option under the Settings is Change Password. You can change the password of your webmail whenever you want.

The Rackspace webmail also includes some features of other apps that it collaborates with. These features include shared calendaring, advanced message filtering, instant messaging, SMS password reset, forming multiple identities and signatures, and many more.

What are the steps for Rackspace Webmail Login?


The features offered by Rackspace webmail are incredible just like personalized mail accounts. But in order to avail of these features of the webmail, knowing about the Rackspace webmail login is important. Here is how you can log in to the webmail. Follow the steps:-

  • Step 1 – From your web browser, search https://apps.rackspace.com
  • Step 2 – You need to provide the details required such as the user id and the password of your webmail.
  • Step 3 – You will get a checkbox saying ‘Remember this info’. You will have to allow Rackspace to remember the information provided by you.
  • Step 4 – You will also be provided with another box. This will be referred to as SSL Box. Enabling this would ensure that the data provided by you for login is encrypted. Enable the SSL and your information is completely secured.
  • Step 5 – After providing the right information, tap on Login. You will be soon redirected to the Rackspace webmail.

These five steps if followed properly would help you access Rackspace webmail login. However, we are aware that a few users face problems in logging into the Rackspace webmail. This is because recently it has changed its webmail VPN. This makes it difficult for users to access webmail. But here we are to simplify your problem. Follow these steps to easily access Rackspace webmail login:-

  1. Install the Citrix Receiver app on your device.
  2. Open Netscaler gateway from the app.
  3. This is the new page which enables Rackspace webmail login.
  4. Provide your right credentials to log into the webmail.
  5. Select Lotus Webmail. You will be redirected to the webmail.
  6. Enter your username and the right password.
  7. You will now successfully open the Rackspace webmail.


Both the above-mentioned processes can be followed by the users to get to the Rackspace webmail login page. We hope the information provided in this article was helpful to you.

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