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IITK, or Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, located in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh is a well-known institute in India. IITK has gained national significance, for it has been considered important by the Indian Government under the Institutes of Technology Act. IITK has attracted students from all over the nation as it has well constructed educational departments – engineering, science, interdisciplinary, management, and many more.

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IITK has served students with its best educational facilities over the years. It has facilitated the student ‘s growth and structured careers of thousands. According to NIRF, IITK has been ranked fourth in the list of best engineering colleges in India. You can thus estimate the significance of IITK in India, especially for the engineering students.

With being topmost educational institution comes the responsibility of proving students with the best services. IITK Webmail is one such service provided to the IITK students to facilitate communication. In this article, we will be covering every detail related to IITK Webmail.

What is IITK Webmail?


Like every other repute institution,  IITK has also formed its own webmail to enable its students to access important information and use the webmail to exchange emails and other academic-related information.

IITK has facilitated the open-source installation of its webmail. IITK Webmail can be accessed via third party mail clients such as MS Outlook, Thunderbird, KMail, and via the webmail interface. In this article,  we will let you know how you can access IITK Webmail. We will give the step by step method that will help you access the IITK Webmail through MS Outlook and how to setup IITK Webmail in Gmail app of your smartphone. This will enable you to gain access to IITK Webmail without much haphazard.

Before moving onto the step by step methods, you need to look into a few major points about Iitk Webmail. These are as follows:

  • One can gain access to the stored emails on IITK’s server.
  • The protocols required for the access are POP3 (S) or IMAP (S).
  • POP 3 can be used if you have a slow internet connection or if you are in a remote area.
  • IMAP is to be put into use within the LAN which is facilitated due to high-speed connection.
  • The servers POP3 and IMAP can only be used by the IITK community. Precisely one can gain access if one has the authorization of doing so.
  • The mails are downloaded and locally store if one uses the POP3 server. One has to be a little more careful while using this server.
  • If one resorts to using the IMAP server, one not only has the files downloaded from the server but also have then copied on the IMAP server.
  • For the end-users use, it has 2 SMTP servers.

This was the basic details one has to be aware of before accessing IITK Webmail. Now let us dive into further details of the IITK Webmail.

The 2 SMTP servers are:

  • iitk.ac.in – One can use this server from both the internet and intranet using the ports 25(SMTP) and 465 (SMTPS).
  • cc.iitk.ac.in – The only limitation of this server is that it can only be accessed within the intranet. The ports used are 25(SMTP) and 465 (SMTPS).

How to access IITK Webmail?


The Iitk webmail can be accessed with the two servers mentioned above. It is not limited to the above two. You can also use the following interfaces to gain access to the mails stored in the webmail:-

  • iitk.ac.in – This link can be accessed through both the internet and intranet. The ports required are port 80(HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS).
  • iitk.ac.in – This is to be accessed only through Intranet using port 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS).
  • iitk.ac.in – This can be accessed only through Intranet via port 443 (HTTPS) only.
  • iitk.ac.in – This can be accessed through both internet and intranet and via 443 (HTTPS) port only.

How to access IITK Webmail through MS Outlook?

We have brought you the step by step process of accessing the IITK Webmail through Microsoft Outlook which is considered to be a personal email client. Microsoft has brought to you a personal information manager which can be installed on your pc. You can very well use this software to access the IITK webmail so that your information is secured and protected. Here is the step by step process:

  • STEP 1 – Open Microsoft Outlook.
  • STEP 2 – Click on ‘File’ and add the account.
  • STEP 3 – In order to add an account, you will have to type the webmail as the email address you want to access.
  • STEP 4 – Enter the webmail password in the box where you require to enter the password.
  • STEP 5 – After this, you have to select manually configure server settings. Click on ‘Next’.
  • STEP 6 – Select Internet mail and click on ‘Next’.
  • STEP 7 – Select IMAP as the account type.
  • STEP 8 – You will find a Logon Information box. Type the username and password.
  • STEP 9 – Click on ‘More Settings ‘>Outgoing Server Tab >Enable ‘My Outgoing Server require authentication ‘. Follow the same to set the Incoming mail server.
  • STEP 10 – Click on ‘Advanced Tab’. Enter the required information. Click on ‘Next’.

Now all you have to do is to wait for a few seconds to allow MS Outlook to check whether the information provided by you is correct. Once the process is completed and checked, you can access the IITK Webmail on your MS Outlook.

How to access IITK Webmail through the Gmail app on a smartphone?

IITK Webmail Gmail

Not everyone has a desktop available every time. IITKians would also need their webmail to be available on their smartphones. Try out these steps:-

  • Step 1 – Set up Iitk webmail on your smartphone.
  • Step 2 – Add your username and webmail password.
  • Step 3 – Under Incoming server settings, select qasid.ac.in as the server.
  • Step 4 – Under outgoing server settings, select mmtm.iitk.ac.in as the server.
  • Step 5 – Once the process is completed, you will find the contents of IITK Webmail on your smartphone.


Follow these steps to access the IITK Webmail. We hope this article was helpful to you and both the methods along with the additional information on servers would be beneficial to you.

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