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Medall Webmail Login

Medall Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is a private company, started in the year 1994. It is registered under the Registrar of Companies, Chennai. It is a diagnostic company, providing medicines and treatment to hundreds in India. It has its headquarter located in Chennai and branches spread over several other cities in India such as Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad.

Medall Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. has received good reviews from the public in general. It has taken many initiatives for the greater benefit. It offers several health packages to the population. The famous health packages are classified into subcategories such as  Master Health Packages, Well Women Packages, Senior Citizen Health Packages, and many more such packages. You can also book for tests or home collection, a health package, or a basic wellness package. Booking is quite easy as MedallPvt. Ltd. has its own webmail for this purpose.

Customers can use the Medall Webmail to book any packages they want from the available options. In this article, we shall learn more about Medall Webmail. We will include different sections, discussing the Medall Webmail and how one can access the Medall webmail with a number of alternative methods. Let us get into the details.

What is Medall Webmail?

Medall Login

As stated earlier, using Medall Webmail, a customer can avail of the packages he/she wants. The Medall Webmail enables the customers to create their own user Id and access the webmail anytime.

Using the medal webmail, a user can pay for the packages or the services he/she wants to avail of. They can also stay updated with the latest offers and packages of MedallPvt. Ltd. If they have their Medall webmail account added to their own device, they will be notified with the latest updates from time to time. This is quite a wise use of the Medall webmail as it saves time. One no longer has to log in to their Medall Webmail account again and again.

Medall also has Lifestyle and allergy packages. All the information related to the packages and bookings is available on the Medall Webmail as well. Using the Medall Webmail, one can make payments to MedallPvt. Ltd. Medall Webmail has enabled easy and faster communication between the Company and its customers. But in order to avail of the benefits provided by the Medall webmail, one has to know the proper methods too. Let us glide to the next section of this article which focuses on the alternative methods of accessing the Medall webmail.

How to access the Medall Webmail?

Medall Webmail

The URL of the Medall Webmail is: – or

You can use either of the two URLs to connect to the login page of Medall Webmail. Let us now look at the simplest and the basic steps to access the medal webmail. This is the most commonly used method used by customers. The steps are as follows:-

  • Step 1 –  From your device, open any web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or any other.
  • Step 2 –  In the address bar of the web browser, type any of the URLs of the medal webmail mentioned above and search for it.
  • Step 3 – You will be displayed with the login page of  Medall webmail.
  • Step 4 –  Enter your Username. If you are using the second URL, don’t forget to add at the end of the username.
  • Step 5 –  Enter the correct password. In case, you forget the password, you can click on the ‘Forgot Password’. This will enable you to retrieve your account even you cannot remember the password anymore. You will be then asked to create a new password.
  • Step 6 – Click on ‘Sign In’.

You can also use the Control Panel in the official website of Medall in order to sign in to the Medall Webmail. Here are the steps for it:-

  • Step 1 – Type the URL of the official website of MedallPvt. Ltd.:- in the address bar of the web browser.
  • Step 2 – Log in to the Control Panel using the Username and the Password.
  • Step 3 – You will find an option ‘Menu’. Click on it and tap on ‘Hosting’.
  • Step 4 – Now, click on ‘E-mail’.
  • Step 5 – You will be required to enter your email address which is also the user name of the Medall Webmail account.
  • Step 6 – Enter the password.
  • Step 7 – Click on ‘Login’.

The above method is to be tried only when you face trouble while accessing the Medall Webmail Login page. It might so happen at times that you cannot open the login page using the browser. In such a situation, you may resort to using this alternative method.


The following steps are yet another alternative that will serve your purpose of accessing the Medall Webmail directly from your Smartphone. You just have to add the medal webmail account to your device and you can log in and use the Medall Webmail anytime you want. Here are the steps:

  • Step 1 – Open the Mail app from your Smartphone.
  • Step 2 – You will get the option of adding a new account on your device. Click on ‘Other’.
  • Step 3 – Type the email address with which you have opened your Medall Webmail account, in the box provided.
  • Step 4 – Prior to the next step, you need to make sure that the Manual Setup is done properly. Click on ‘Manual Setup’ from the app and make the changes.
  • Step 4 – Select the account type and add the outgoing and incoming servers’ information.
  • Step 5 – Now, type the password.
  • Step 6 – Click on ‘Next’ only when you are sure that the Set up is perfect. Any wrong information provided will pose a problem in adding the medal webmail account to your device.
  • Step 7 – Wait for a few seconds. Finally, your account will be added to your Smartphone.


All these methods have been found effective. You can use any one of them to reach the Medall Webmail. We hope the information provided by us in this article was beneficial to you.

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