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IITD Webmail Login

The Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, known as IITD is located in HauzKhas, Delhi. Being situated in the capital city of India, IITD has been India’s topmost educational institution over the years. This institution is mainly of interest to the engineering students and those seeking to work for research projects. IITD is significant in education in India as it has attracted engineering students from all over the nation as well as from other parts of the world. It has well-constructed departments in engineering, science, interdisciplinary, arts, management, and many more.

Through quality education and well-educated faculty, IITD has ensured the students with its best educational facilities. Anyone getting into IITD after cracking its entrance exam is an extraordinary student merit-wise. IITD makes sure to nurture the skills of the students and securing their futures. Once a student gets into IITD and does well through the years of studying, he/she is ought to find a good job in the best companies or organizations of the country and abroad.

As IITD has taken upon itself the responsibility of nurturing the students, it has also made sure that the students and all associated with it is able to reap all its benefits through an easier mode of communication. Yes, IITD has its own webmail. In this article, we will discuss everything with regard to the IITD webmail in detail. We will also be listing out the steps required for accessing the IITD Webmail, with more than one method. Let us proceed into the details of it.

What is IITD Webmail?


All the important information, notice, and schedules are available on the IITD webmail. Students who have an account can easily use the IITD webmail after logging in to the webmail. They can also communicate with the professors of their departments or other fellow students by simply exchanging emails. All the information related to fees, exams, and admissions is available on the IITD webmail.

The IITD webmail allows the students and the staff to create their own accounts and use the webmail interface to communicate. The best part of IITD webmail is that it is facilitated by open source installation by IITD. It can also be accessed through a number of third-party platforms such as a simple smartphone or through MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Kmail, etc. This enables the user to access the IITD webmail conveniently. The next section includes more information on IITD Webmail.

How to Access IITD Webmail?

Access IITD Webmail

Before we get into the step by step methods of accessing the IITD webmail, there are a few things you need to know beforehand. The following points include the changes that you need to make in the Settings as well as additional information on the IITD webmail.

  • The users having a user id and password can gain access to the stored emails on IITD’s server anytime, using the IITD webmail login.
  • Make sure you use POP (3) or IMAP(S) protocols to access the IITD webmail. You can make the changes in the Settings.
  • The IITD webmail servers are for the exclusive use by the IITD community. Make sure you maintain privacy.
  • In order to access the IITD webmail, you need authorization and an id.
  • The mails from the webmail are downloaded and one can save them locally if one uses the POP (3) server.
  • The users of the IMAP server have an added benefit as they can not only have the emails downloaded but also copied on the server.

IITD Webmail

Speaking of the servers, one must know which server to use. The IITD webmail can be accessed through more than one server. Here is the list:

  1. mmtp.IITD.ac.in This is an SMTP server and one can use this through both the internet and intranet. The ports to be used are 25(SMTP) and 465 (SMTPS).
  2. smtp.cc.IITD.ac.in This is also an SMTP server with a limitation that it cannot be accessed through the internet. This is to be accessed only through the intranet using the ports 25(HTTP) and 465(SMTPS).
  3. nwm.IITD.ac.in This can be accessed using the 443(HTTPS) port only via both the internet and intranet.
  4. webmail.IITD.ac.in The ports required to access this URL are 80(HTTP) and 443(HTTPS). The Internet and intranet both can be used.
  5. webmail1.IITD.ac.in This can be treated as an alternative to the above one. In case you find difficulty in accessing any of the above, you can resort to using this. It can only be accessed through Intranet, using port 80(HTTP) and 443(HTTPS).
  6. webmail2.IITD.ac.in This is only for intranet users. The port required to access this is 443(HTTPS) only.

All these servers can work well. In case, you face trouble with one server you can always move to the other among the six. Knowing just the servers won’t be enough if you do not know the steps that are to be followed.

The steps to access the IITD webmail are as follows:

  • Step 1 – Open your web browser. You can use any browser such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.
  • Step 2 – In the search bar, enter any of the URLs mentioned above in the list of six.
  • Step 3 – You will be displayed with the IITD webmail login page.
  • Step 4 – Enter your username and password.
  • Step 5 – Click on ‘Log In’.

If you are using a smartphone to access the IITD Webmail, follow the following steps:

  • Step 1 – From your smartphone, open the email app.
  • Step 2 – In the settings, click on Add Account.
  • Step 3 – Add your IITD webmail username and password.
  • Step 4 – Select qasid.ac.in as the Incoming Server and mmtm.IITD.ac.in as the outgoing server.
  • Step 5 – Click on Sign In and you will have your IITD webmail account added on your phone.


The steps are easy and simple. One can easily open the IITD webmail by following the steps. If none of the methods work for you, you can also use an alternative app called Citrix Receiver to gain access to the IITD webmail. We hope the information provided in this article was helpful to you and could lessen your troubles.

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